[JOB] Garbageman

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    Put on your gloves and some ear protectors because with this job, you can protect yourself from everything except its terrible smell.

    Picking up garbage around the city isn't exactly pleasant, but someone has to do it. There are always openings for a few shifts at the La Puerta landfill.

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    Approach to talk to a supervisor, they will be the ones to tell you which route to take. You may need to earn their trust or show that you have enough experience to handle other routes, but remember that whatever route you take, you will be well rewarded in the end

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    If you've come with a vehicle, it's best to leave it in a safe place where it won't bother other workers. That way, you won't have to walk to the police impound lot and pay a fine to drive your vehicle again. So, park your vehicle in the designated parking area.

    • Enter and exit the parking lot by pressing E on your keyboard.

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    It's a simple job that you can do with two more teammates. The bigger the team, the greater the benefit you'll get.

    The truck can carry a maximum of three people. One person at the wheel and a pair in the back, ready to endure the smell and the truck's movement.

    The latter will be responsible for getting off at each point to collect and throw the garbage bags into the truck, while the person in the cabin will obviously be responsible for driving the truck along the entire route until returning to the central station.

    To work as a team, you just need to talk to the supervisor, dress appropriately, get the three people on the truck, and follow the designated route.

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    If you're unable to gather a team to work with, you can do it alone, but you'll likely end up with back pain from getting in and out of the cabin, as well as from walking back and forth between the truck controls and the containers.

    • Collect the garbage using G and throw it into the truck using E
    • Get on and off the truck by approaching it and pressing F

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    Once you finish the route, go talk to the supervisor who assigned it to you to claim your payment. If you still have the desire and strength, you can ask for a new route.

    People in the city are often quite careless, and sometimes they even try to get rid of things by throwing them in the bins, hoping the shredder will crush them. Perhaps at some point during your shift, you'll come across something interesting.

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