[GUIDE] Commands

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    /B OOC Message.
    /s ID In-Game Whisper.
    /g In-Game Scream/Yell.
    /me Is used to roleplay actions that cannot be performed by the game's own animations. This type of command is used for actions that can be performed by an ordinary person without much effort, and that have virtually no chance of failing when carried out.
    /ame It's very simple, it's an addition to /me, basically used for short actions so as not to disrupt the roleplay lines.
    /do The use of this command is primarily to express sensations, sounds, smells, things happening around you, description of your character, their attire, their appearance, requesting information like this from other players, and asking about the possibility of performing an action.
    /pay + #HASH + amount Give/Pay money to the player that you specify.
    /nec Ability to display the food and thirst bars.
    /veh or /v It displays the statistics of our vehicles and the ability to locate them.
    /est Displays the level and statistics of your character.
    ! In-Game Communication (IC) between organization members
    !! Out of Character Communication (OOC) between organization members
    /question Exclusive channel to ask questions in-game
    /id + #HASH Displays the level of the specified player.
    /mp + id Ability to send a private message to a staff member.
    /config Ability to enable or disable questions, activate or deactivate IC and OOC radio, receive notifications, speed limit, delete characters, and view your behavior (sanctions)
    F9 It works for creating support tickets and/or reporting users.
    ALT + N Toggle voice between Shout, Whisper, and Normal.
    CNTRL + ENTER Put/Remove the seatbelt inside the vehicle.
    Z Ability to enlarge or minimize the map.
    F2 Reset the In-Game (IC) voice
    F4 Display Help Menu.
    F5 Take a Screenshot
    F6 Start a recording with Rockstar Studio.
    F7 Show/Hide the game interface (overall)
    F8 Show/Hide FPS
    F11 End recording with Rockstar Studio.

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