Vincent Lopez

  • • FULL NAME: Vincent_Lopez

    • AGE: 24

    • PLACE OF BIRTH: India, Bangalore


    • GENDER: Male

    • PARENTS: His father’s name is James Lopez and his mother’s name is Chole Lopez, they both were living in Los Santos, Downtown, but before marriage they moved to India, to live the Indian culture and also to have an Indian Marriage.

    • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Vincent Lopez, height 5'4”, blue eyes, Brown hair color, Muscular, is a struggling man who is looking for various career opportunities in Businesses and music production.

    • PERSONALITY: His personality is described as a clever and Daring man who happens to have more technical and business knowledge in his mind, he sometimes does stupid things, but he is clever and genius when it comes to taking business decisions and solve problems which requires advanced technical knowledge. He is known to take risks in tough situations.

    • CHILDHOOD: Vincent Lopez’s with his parents moved to India when he was just 5 years old, in his childhood he faced various problems in his life, he suffered humiliation from friends and others which mentally broke him at an early age of life, to get away with this, he decided to move to Los Santos with his parents, where they lived before.

    • YOUTH: Vincent Lopez’s youth is quite interesting, he was doing BBA (bachelor’s in business administration) in India, Bangalore. But he was more interested in gaming, computer, music, game development, kind of stuff as he always loved computers since the age of 10. He was studying about business in his college, but he was more into doing Music and other stuff in which he was interested in! apart from gaining Business knowledge from his college he was doing his own course of anything in computers which relates to game development, music production, video shooting and editing, etc. etc.

    • CURRENT STATUS: Vincent Lopez is currently setting up a business in Downtown, Los Santos, a small business which he aims to get to a bigger picture, with pursuing his passion with computers, he had made a Media Group with whom he tests, analysis various new computer hardware that are coming into the market, makes a professional video about them and publishes it on various different Social Media Platforms and also provides new merchants to his followers.

    • EDUCATION: Reva University, Bangalore - BBA

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