Black Trash

  • Black Trash

    Faction Description

    The group known as Black Trash embodies a somewhat outdated representation of African American culture. Their home and main territory is at Grove Street, a neighborhood where the essence of their identity permeates the air. For these individuals, their environment is not just a place they live; it's an extension of their own identity and lifestyle.

    The aesthetic adopted by this "black trash" is reflected in every aspect of their daily lives. From the way they dress, to the church they belong to, and the music they listen to, the manifesto of African American culture is fundamental to them.

    It's important to note that the identity of Black Trash is not limited to the superficial, as we commonly find them engaging in certain activities. These include alcohol consumption, the cultivation and use of marijuana, as well as participation in the lowrider scene. These activities are not just forms of entertainment but their lifestyle.

    However, members of Black Trash can also be quite territorial. They fiercely protect their space and community and may be wary of those who are not part of their inner circle. For them, Grove Street is more than just a physical place; it's a symbol of their resistance, solidarity, and African American pride.

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    Faction Membership Process

    We mainly roleplay in Grove Street, Davis area being our limit. Show us that you're a proud African American, proud of your roots, and a follower of our African American church.

    As mentioned before, you can often find us around Grove Street. If you're up for it and meet the aforementioned requirements, you could become part of the "Black Trash"; we'll welcome you with open arms.

    If you're interested but don't know much about this lifestyle or culture, you can reach out to us on Discord at "papibaufel"; there, we can guide you on how to accurately characterize and portray your character (Please do not spam MD's, wait for a response)

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    Faction Regulations

    • We reserve the right to admission into our organization.

    • It is necessary to fully understand and respect the server's regulations.

    • By joining the faction, you consent to the application of PKT if deemed necessary.

    • Upon joining the faction, you represent it both IC and OOC, so accumulation of administrative penalties will be considered, and users with significant administrative penalties may be dismissed.

    • All attire and vehicles must adhere to our faction's interpretation.

    • OOC misunderstandings and fights are not permitted; members must maintain respect for each other while enjoying roleplay.

    • Adequate in-game IC activity is required. Prolonged absences must be reported to faction leadership.

    • Anti-roleplay behavior with the intent to "troll" is not allowed at any time.

    • Items obtained through faction-provided missions automatically become the faction's property. Therefore, keeping any of these items for oneself without authorization from a superior will be considered theft, and it could result either with a warning or even the expulsion of the member.

    • In the OOC realm, you are no more or less than another member IC. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to belittle another faction member OOC on this basis. In other words, roleplay is roleplay.

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