Jason Vercetti

  • FULL NAME: Jason Vercetti

    AGE: 19

    PLACE OF BIRTH: Las Venturas

    NATIONALITY: American / Serbian

    GENDER: Male


    Father: Jhony Vercetti (A Ruthless and dangerous man who was one of the highest in command at the original Dead Souls Motorcycle Club, despite this at home he was an abusive man who beat both his lover Barbara and his young son Jason who developed severe trauma because of this).

    Mother: Barbara Locic (She Loved her son very much despite the abuse from her Partner Jhony she still cared for Jason and also held good relations with his lovers sidechick Hannah).


    Height: 6’'1"

    Eye color: Dark Brown..

    Hair color: Dark Chocolate brown, His hair is always simple and cut cleanly.

    Build: At first glance Jason is built like your average Gym Bro, however Jason is far more powerful and at one gunfight after running out of bullets he threw an entire motorcycle at his opponents crushing them. Needless to say, Jason is very strong and built like a tank.


    Jason despite his seemingly calm demeanor and his great relationship with his mother he still holds a grudge against women and especially Armed Forces members specifically.  With everyone else he meets he is seemingly very calm and even has a lot of karisma however on the inside he is a ruthless rotten criminal just like his brother, or at least that's what he wants everyone to believe with his close friends / fellow gangsters his always the kindest joking around and being one with the ultimate biker brotherhood.


    Shortly after Jason was borned he met his father something that would start a chain of abuse and hatred towards Jhony throughout his entire life Jhony was “Kind” to him at least according to his accounts since he did not abuse him as a baby, but as soon as he hit the age of 5, he had his first teeth knocked out by his own father Jhony of course this incident specifically happened when he was eating a big bowl of Goulash soup that his mother made for him, whilst enjoying his favorite meal Jhony came up and proclaimed “A Büdös Kurva anyádért eszel ilyen szart te kis geci” and slapped the hell out of him knocking one of his front teeth into the soup itself no one really knows if this was because Jhony was drunk high or just mad at life but probably because the Hungarian soup reminded him of his ex and his hated son Liam. That's where his mother first told Jason about Liam, upon this Jason proclaimed that now he understands it all and that the reason he is hated is because of Liam so he swore to kill him one day, skipping further all the way until Jason is 13 Years old, he would be standing at school 3 hours past the end time, his mother did not came to pick him up. So he heroically ran home all alone only to see his beloved street burning with flames and Armed Forces military man walking around killing people with DeadSouls biker vests whom he knew as family friends before. At a faithfull moment his mother saw him and told him to run inside the house, he obeyed but just barely saw as a soldier brutally executed his mother only to then yell “Glory to the General and death to Dead Souls”. Inside he found a women who knew his name but yet he didn't know her the women explained that her name was “Hannah” and this was her Son Liam she further said that she is gonna run out and that Liam and Jason should run and always stick together from now on, Liam already had 2 guns and came one to Jason as a sign of trust together they ran as Liam Murdered 2 soldiers during the flea, After this did Jason have the courage to ask Liam if he was the same Liam his mother talked about, he explained that he was and kindly asked if he had an issues with that which Jason replied no to, a few years pass and about on the 16th Birthday of Jason Liam came to him with 2 tickets and explained that now that his 18 they are to go to Los Santos and carry out “Operations” there after arriving Liam basically explained the reality to Jason about The Dead Souls their dad and and their Mothers as well as The AF and now asked him to do crime with him, So Liam Became the Negotiator and Brute forcer whilst Jason following in his fathers footsteps became the mastermind and the Hacker of the duo together they formed the Vercetti brothers Criminal duo and commicted the most crimes in a month (More then actual 20+ members gangs)

    Much later at Jason’s 17 Birthday Liam and him were invited into the New Dead Souls and it was time to man up and become a professional gangster Outlaw Biker.

    The Stage is set for the most wise criminal and his faithful older brother to become the kings of the Underground world; however , will Jason be able to work together in a big group? Only time will tell!

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