[Biography] Liam Vercetti

  • **FULL NAME: Liam Vercetti

    AGE: 21

    PLACE OF BIRTH: Las Venturas

    NATIONALITY: American

    GENDER: Male


    Father: Jhony Vercetti (A Ruthless and dangerous man who was one of the highest in command at the original Dead Souls Motorcycle Club, he was however a deadbeat father to Liam and the only thing he had taught him was to do crime and break the law).

    Mother: Hanna Horváth ( A caring mother who had supported Liam all the way until her demise and even then she decided she would rather fight the Armed forces then let them reach her son and his brother).


    Height: 6'2"
    Eye color: Deep Green.
    Hair color: Matt Black, However slowly as time rolls gray hairs appear more and more.
    Build: Muscular, always standing or moving in a threatening way, however it's clear from his posture that he went through a lot of fights and has been hurt more than once, especially on his ribs. Furthermore he appears to have bigger knuckles then a normal man would.


    Liam is an insane psychopath whilst talking to him one can notice not only that his left eye seems to twitch uncontrollably but that he is seemingly speaking without any emotion on his face, would be a great poker player if he were to try it however would probably not be smart enough to understand such a game. despite the fact that Liam is clearly insane and suffering from multiple counts of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder Liam still is the perfect negotiator and have always had his way with words since a young age, his a natural born speaker and can convince a lot of people to do a lot of stuff for him, on the inside not much is known about Liam however what is sure is that he feels no compassion for others he meets, the only exception to this seems to be his brother Jason Vercetti.

    Liam was Born in Las Venturas however luck did not favor him early in life not only did he have a deadbeat father who wanted nothing to do with him he also had somewhat of a platera of different mental issues including mostly bipolar disorder and schizophrenia one of the people he seemed to genuinely love in his life was his mother as she had always raised and cared for him up until her death that happened in 1988 at the traumatizing event of the “Dead Souls Raid” in there not only did he lose both of his parents but now had to care for his younger brother Jason Vercetti who could at the time barely understand what just happened, even though Liam has claimed that “Jason Matters as much to him that of a shit on his boots” it is important to mention that he always shielded his little brother and they could always rely on each other after that day, so a year later when jason was 16 and he just reached adulthood they ventured to Los Santos where they begin the horrible tale of “The Vercetti brothers” and became hardline gangsters then later outlaw motorbikers.

    The Stage is set for the most brutal Outlaw Biker Villain The City has seen however will he be able to fight his inner demons or will he cause the demise of Dead Souls again like his Father did? .**

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