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    Long ago, just right after WW2 in 1946 America was in a happy but incredibly poor state

    Many jobs and even more lives were lost even half the military was disbanded, one of these Anglo-American veterans unknowingly to him created something horrible, on that faithfull day Daryl Westwood who had just been freshly fired from the US Marines decided he would make a stance, he had nothing except for his motorcycle iron will, and a hunger for money and power over America. At first he had no idea what to do but then he contacted his faithful friend (Also a Veteran) named Alex Crazy. His name was quite fitting, this young man had the name Alex meaning Warrior and Crazy which well is pretty self explanatory.

    Alex at first did not like the idea of making an illegal Outlaw biker gang however quickly changed his mind after seeing the money and the fact that if he does not hurt people first then he ends up the one who is going to be hurt, so Alex lived up to his name and recruited the most ruthless people including the GrandFather of The Later Well Known Vercetti brothers, Jhony Vercetti The son of Tommy Vercetti, Tommy the ruthless serial killer did not want his son to end up like he did so he had always thought him to uphold justice and protect the law but Jhony had the blood of Vercetti’s flowing through his veins, so right after his father’s death went to the street looking for trouble, and he found some he came face to face with Alex and Daryl and after fighting them 2 on 1 thus earning their respect he was made the first council of the Dead Souls all was going well and they had over and they had notorious well known members such as Salih The First, and Xin Zao the horrible, However on one faithful day this would all change, the hot headed Jhony Vercetti had to run back towards their main base at the time located in Las Venturas a small but gambling based city in San Andreas, sadly Jhony was followed by The Major General of the San Andreas Armed Forces Mac Blue, Mac proclaimed to Jhony that he was under arrest and demanded him to lay down his weapon and surrender to this Jhony whistled as rookie members of Dead Souls known at the time as “Prospects” jumped from everywhere and ended up accidentally beating the poor Major General to death. After the General have received news that his friend did not return to base that day he was furious he went to see his body camera footage (At the time experimental technology that worked unreliably and horribly) He could not tell what happened but he could tell that his friend was dead and it was by these horrible bikers calling themselves “Dead Souls” So on the evening of the same day 1988 July 12 at exactly 19:58 pm he attacked and unleashed the entire armed forces on the dead souls their orders were not to arrest but to burn and kill and so Almost everyone perished Alex Crazy was the first one to die Then Jhony Vercetti Burned to death in a nearby house Salih The First And Xin Zhao was hiding together but lost a gun fight were they were outgunned 2 to 8 and finally Darryl westwoods personal underground bunker was penetrated where The General himself Brutally Murdered him.

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    Here it looked like the Journey of Dead Souls was finally over, however one person thought otherwise, His name was once more Kizo Crazy (The son of Alex Crazy) even tho his father died almost first in the battle he was determined to follow in his footsteps and Revive Dead Souls from its ashes such as a Phoenix bird would.

    His First idea was to visit the old neighborhood, but it was just as he remembered from when he was a child, a burned pile of houses unrecognizable and the stench still horrible even in 2022 many years after the massacre carried out by the Armed forces of San Andreas, upon seeing this sight once more he felt the need to migrate and revive somewhere else, so he bought a ticket to the biggest city in San Andreas named Los Santos and flew there. There he discovered a hood that was empty, Oddly enough even tho it was in the middle of the ghetto it was completely vacant, so he sought to make this hood his The street it was on was called the “Rancho” specifically so he vowed to become the Rancho King, Upon deciding the new location for the outlaw bikers and the goals, he contacted someone that he grew up meeting but never really bonded with, “Neki Crazy”, that's right the son of the long dead “Daryl Westwood” though he was not pleased with the name he was given his father always told him his named after a great man… if only he knew. Upon Neki receiving the call from Kizo he was not happy, but was intrigued nonetheless since life was not working out for him. so he too traveled to Los Santos to follow in his fathers footsteps together they officially founded the Dead Souls once more but would now need members, so after doing some spying they found out that almost everyone from the old Dead Souls had sons The First one they discovered was the “Vercetti Brothers'' 2 highly known robbers in Los Santos and both ruthless veterans of the ghetto, after Kizo contacted them it turned out they were actually the sons of Jhony Vercetti himself, they were more then pleased to hear that their Fathers old gang was back up and looking for members So Liam Vercetti and Jason Vercetti both joined the same day and have already started making street cred for the gang, this attracted the attention of an interesting man. Neki was the one who had ended up meeting him and there he found out it was “Yip Man” The son of the long dead Xin Zhao and he was not alone he was actually paired up with “Salih Man” The son of “Salih The First” when Yip was questioned on why Salih had his Last name he did not comment. The final pillar of force that was attracted to Dead Souls was none other than the powerful and wealthy individual “Negan Smith” though he is not a billionaire he had always had everything he needed in life despite the rough childhood he ended up facing, due to this he could always live comfortably in his house since he was the owner of a Repair shop he still wanted to do crime, now was his chance as the Dead souls just happened to need funding for their empire and powerful leaders such as him.

    The stage is set for the biggest criminal empire but will they be able to live up to their ancient success? We can only find out one way and that is following their ruthless journey of dominating first Rancho then the entire territory of Los Santos, And this is the present day of the "Modern Bikers"




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