• FULL NAME: Demarcus "DS" Shawn

    AGE: 35

    PLACE OF BIRTH: Luton - England

    NATIONALITY: Black British

    GENDER: Male

    PARENTS: Hilder Chrome (mother) / John Shawn (Father)

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Black, tall and chubby

    PERSONALITY: Hyper active, passionate and committed. talkative and outgoing

    CHILDHOOD: Demarcus had a rough start in life with health issues as a child along with neglect and a lack of love and compassion from his parents. His mother was a drug addict, and his father was in prison, a full-time alcoholic and domestic abuser Demarcus didn't see much of his father growing up. Instead, he spent all of his time with his deranged mother who would beat him and starve him.

    YOUTH: Smart kid, always over achieving in his education and exceeded many expectations considering his up bringing. His hatred for his parents would grow into hatred for the simplest of things related to them like his name, from a child Demarcus would insist on being called DS. He hated his parents' lifestyle and although he learned a lot about making money through drugs and stolen goods he hated that way of life and dreamed he would blur the lines between criminal and legitimate careers when he grew up.

    CURRENT STATUS: Demarcus grew up to be a respectful, loyal and moralistic man whose selflessness would most often have him taken for granted. DS became extremely well-versed in business and sales and could seemingly sell anything given the opportunity, he used this career path to succeed in providing a new life and a fresh start in Los Santos following some successful business ventures in his hometown of Luton (England). He sold everything and moved to America to find new business opportunities and build a family.

    EDUCATION: Demarcus did very well in school up until college when he chose to sell drugs rather than study.

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