The Real Business

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    Organization History
    The Real Business is a motorcycle club that consists of money-minded individuals who keep to themselves and prefer not to speak too much about criminality. Anything but a street gang, these gentlemen and their ladies like to put money before street cred and aim to develop connections before enemies. Founded by people who met in the early stages of the city's life and had no prior relationship, the group has had its fair share of disloyal members and ups and downs. Still, ultimately they remain competing for the top spots in the city!

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    Environmental Setting
    It may strike some people as odd to see men and women in business attire hanging around Cypress Warehouses, but that is where members of The Real Business can often be found, as they own a large block of the warehouses within. In the future, they hope to establish a territory in the Vespucci Canals neighborhood.

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    Interpretation of Organization
    Members of The Real Business keep quiet about the activities of the organization and seek to make connections with all types of people in Los Santos. Many members do not appear to be the type of person you would associate with an illegal organization, although the group does not enforce a strict dress code. Members of The Real Business own and operate several legal companies throughout the city, where the most trusted employees may be invited to join the organization.

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  • The Real Business Origin Story and Operations

    DS started his journey in Pegasus as a bin man with his newly found Serbian friend Slovodan Zdravo. Slovodan taught Demarcus all about the city and its inner workings. This information would prove extremely valuable and DS would be forever grateful and loyal to Slovo's advice going forward. He would make no real decisions without Slovo first saying so. This conflicted with DS's usual desire to lead and make decisions but he believes a good leader should also be an effective follower and always be willing to learn.

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    After showing DS how to create a legitimate business (Benny's Original) Slovo also started to show him small parts of the underworld and helped him ultimately create 'The Real Business', Inspired by their shared passion for business, hard work, morals and respect.

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    Slovo and DS hit the ground running and instantly made Benny's a success. They recruited some of the finest talent in the city and the results spoke for themselves. Benny's was the number one company in the whole city for the first two periods and still held their own through the following hard times.

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    Following the successful times Benny's and the real business had it wasn't all plain sailing for DS and Benny's as he put all his heart and soul into buying his first mechanics shop. Atomic autos in Jamestown seemed like the perfect spot for Benny's to grow roots in the city, with the ultimate dream being the official Benny's Original shop some time in the distant future.

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    Demarcus was pit to the post after crowd funding over 7.1m from friends, family and strangers on the side of the street. He pulled every string and gathered quite a crowd at the auction that day, fighting until the bitter end when a much larger group laid the last bid of 10 million dollars down. DS was beat and decided to leave Benny's in Slovo's ownership and start a new venture in his legitimate career. He decided to buy a shop with his close friends and business partners in Slovo's absence as Slovo had gone back to Serbia to be with his family.

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    Although Slovo had left, Demarcus made some extremely valuable friends along the way. Ricky, for instance, who DS had met with Slovo in the early days of their bin man career. A Mexican guy who really seemed to want to help DS fulfill his dreams, Ricky would work night and day with DS when most people had given up and left. Ricky stayed loyal and did everything he could to help and guide Demarcus.

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    Many people would come and go very quickly as Demarcus held very high standards for the way he would run things in the Real Business, resulting in the loss of some people Demarcus considered very dear and loyal friends. These losses were hard for DS to swallow, but he did. He held no grudge and kept it moving. The people may have changed but his goals stayed the same. In the absence of Benny's, Demarcus put much more time in to building the Real Business and his other two companies, Cloud Logistics, a service company and Skyline Taxis, a transport company. Cloud Logistics quickly became level 3 and currently holds the number one spot for the current period. The shop attached to the business, Cloud 9 Bar N Grill is also seeing much success.

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    The Real Business' first warehouse. They now own 5 warehouses.

    Scoping out the Vespucci Canals neighborhood.

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    Organization members keep blueprint production running around the clock.

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