Angel Javier

  • LSPD - Andromeda

    • FULL NAME: Angel Javier

    • AGE: 28

    • PLACE OF BIRTH: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    • NATIONALITY: Puerto Rican

    • GENDER: Male

    • PARENTS:
      Dad: Angel Javier's father is called Dustin Javier, a Puerto Rican born in San Juan, like his son. A man who earned his money honestly working in construction. He is 175cm tall, has receding gray hair.
      Mom: Angel Javier's mother is called Laura Monzón, she was born in Cataño, Puerto Rico. He studied medicine and came to work at the ''CDT Cataño'' hospital, where he met Dustin Javier there. Shee is 168cm tall, has big straight red hair.

    • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Angel Javier is skinny, he has a couple of tattoos on his trunk, an elongated face complemented by a beard on the sides of it, and he has long black dreadlocks. He measures 182cm.

    • PERSONALITY: Angel is a serious guy, he doesn't play around with jokes and has a tough hand with people who need it, however, with close people he is friendly and funny.

    • CHILDHOOD: Angel Javier grew up in the Luis Llorens Torres residential complex, in the years of his childhood this residential complex was characterized by large illegal movements, drug trafficking... We must take this into account for later.

    • YOUTH: Angel Javier's youth was characterized above all by his new friends, he socialized a lot in the Llorens Torres residential complex, he has a fairly large group of friends, he also decided to start in the world of music, but he had not yet released any of his songs to the public. He played on a high school basketball team, he was the best on the team, they offered him a scholarship to the United States but he did not accept it.

    • CURRENT STATUS: Today Angel Javier is a rag picker, a member of an important illegal organization in the city of Los Santos, which moved thanks to what he earned from music. He is part of the ONE40TOWERS record label, related to the gang ''Los Diablos de Lloren Torres'' which he mentions in several of his songs.

    • EDUCATION: None.

    • OTHERS: N/A

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