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    Organization History

    Cloud Logistics was founded and developed with a dream of becoming Los Santos's number one service company. We have quickly grown to have a staff of 15 members, two offices, and a fleet of unique company vehicles. Our company aims to not only service businesses but to serve our customers directly through our newest venture, Cloud9 Bar 'n' Grill.

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    Cloud9 is not just a shop, it is also a restaurant with a huge selection of food and drink. Future expansions will add a dance floor and a bar. A community hub in the making, we have already hosted our grand opening which was a huge success.

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    Cloud Logistics and Cloud 9 Staff

    Leon Landon
    Slovodan Zdravo
    Demarcus Shawn
    Mike Tyson
    Ricky Mondragon
    Iris Shawn

    Hazel Maverick
    Mikey Mac

    Head Chef
    Marcus Winther

    Carter Williams
    Zone Wick
    Penelope Lime

    Advanced Operatives
    Joel Robertson
    Jake Andersen
    Zacarias Mondragon
    Steven Maclovin

    *This page is under construction

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    Cloud Logistics Leadership Team
    Shareholder Iris Shawn
    Owner and Founder Demarcus "DS" Shawn
    Ceo Mikey Mac

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    Shareholders and CEOs hold meetings in the Cloud Logistics main office.

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    Cloud 9 Bar N Grill is located through the elevators in the mall.

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    Cloud 9 has a retail space and dining area with daily improvements and plans to expand!

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    Cloud 9 has recently added a fully equipped, state of the art kitchen.

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    Members of the Cloud Logistics leadership team recently went on a fishing trip to catch some fresh fish for the restaurant.


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