{Biography} Koda Paul

  • FULL NAME: Koda Paul

    AGE: 25

    PLACE OF BIRTH: New York

    NATIONALITY: American

    GENDER: Male

    PARENTS: koda Paul's father, born in New York, is called Logan Bradford, he is currently 55 years old and works as a member of the NYPD, this is PO-II. He has always been attracted to the Off-Road world of motorcycles and Rally's. He has shared this with his son since he was young. Logan has had myopia since birth, something koda Paul inherited from his father.
    koda Paul's mother, also born in New York, is called Lilly Smith. She is currently 57 years old and works as a tour guide in NY. Lilly loves American football and has always been a fan of it, she has also shared this a lot with her son.

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: koda Paul is a 1.83 meter tall man who has short brown hair which he inherited from his mother and a full short beard. This one has light blue eyes along with small ears like his father's.
    At a muscular level, he is a person with a strong and large build, weighs 103 KG and has a fairly significant level of fat.

    koda Paul is a quite outgoing and happy man. He always likes to make jokes with his friends and is usually the face of the group since he always takes the initiative to make plans.
    He is quite a party person too, since he, like his mother, really likes electronic and techno music.
    koda Paul, like any human being, is a person who has defects, one of these is that he hates sea water since he did not have good experiences when he was young, where there is a beach plan koda Paul does not go!

    CHILDHOOD: It was September 30, 2000 at 4 in the morning. Lilly was giving birth at New York Presbyterian Hospital, her father Logan had taken her to the emergency room since her water had broken at home.
    A doctor and a midwife began to assist Lilly in the delivery of her son. She screamed with the pain, but she remained firm and tolerated it. Logan, standing next to him, was watching the scene and holding his wife's hand, although she was reluctant. I squeezed everything I could.
    The doctor managed to see the child's head and began to assist him in the exit. Once the child was outside, the doctor felt relieved and handed the child to his mother's colo. While the child was in the womb, the Father cut the umbilical cord with birth scissors and stored it in a medical jar.

    Lilly looked her son in the eyes and said.... "Hi koda Paul..."
    During his first days in the world, koda Paul really didn't do much, he limited himself to eating and sleeping, despite everything he proved to be a quite energetic child since he always tried to crawl even though he was still too young and he moved around a lot. of his mother.
    When he was barely 16 months old, he began to walk, which was truly incredible, the pediatrician stated the following: "He is one of those children who are very smart, he is lucky to have him."
    One thing in particular caught koda Paul's attention, that was television, he could sit in front of it for hours watching his favorite cartoons. Another of her hobbies was going to her parents' bed and trying to climb and climb onto it, although she never succeeded since she was very tall...
    When koda Paul was 3 years old he enrolled in the basic school "Iducation Basica Inc Sivico De" which was in the Bronx neighborhood. In this he met a lot of people like a friend of his named Marck Johnson with whom he began to get along very well and they always played together.

    Throughout his basic education, a lot of things happened, he became interested in the world of racing and always watched them on television with his father and sometimes he even went to offroad races with him. He always said that he would like to have a mountain bike and go on routes with it.

    At 14 years old, koda Paul was in his penultimate year of basic education, it was in this year that he met a person who, without knowing it, would make a great impact on him. This was Tiffany Brooks, one of the girls in his class. At first it all started with specific conversations like lend me the pen, a piece of paper, etc. but as a few weeks passed, koda Paul couldn't explain it but he had fallen for that person, he didn't know if it was his personality, his blue eyes or his hairstyle. smooth brown, but something had caught him. What he decided was to invite her to meet up at the Ferris wheel at the NY Pier to which she responded that yes, she would like to meet up.

    Suddenly when these two are leaving the NY Pier, koda Paul steps on a wooden board that is poorly secured to the ground and it breaks, making koda Paul fall into the water. He was wearing a very large coat since it was winter, heavy boots and corsair jeans, all accompanied by a sweatshirt underneath, with all this koda Paul could not swim and began to drown, he tried to take off his clothes but the coat would not work. It came out since it had been stuck to it by the water. Tiffany, as expected, tried to help him, but she couldn't reach him from above. She screamed for help and some guys came to try to help koda Paul, but they weren't able to get him out either. koda Paul, already half his head submerged under water and on the verge of drowning, had completely lost hope, until suddenly the emergency services arrived and with the help of a rappel and harness they managed to get him out of the water. Since that day koda Paul has been terrified of water and hates plans where he has to get into it.

    During the following months Tiffany and koda Paul begin to meet up much more often and they fall in love and begin a formal relationship. Although this does not last long since 2 years later when koda Paul was 18 and his driver's license had just been obtained, she died...

    And you will say, how was it? koda Paul was going down the highway at a consistent speed, although I have to admit that he is one of those who likes to overrun it, but at that moment he was going fine. The problem is that a vehicle was fleeing from the NYPD and it went the wrong way on the highway. In a desperate attempt to avoid it, koda Paul swerves the wheel and causes the vehicle to go to the side. Unfortunately, it crashes into a wall on the right side, right in the place where Tiffany was going, causing her to be seriously injured. koda Paul, on the other hand, was only knocked unconscious by hitting the steering wheel but not seriously damaged.

    The paramedics arrived fairly quickly and took them both to the hospital. Although it was too late for Tiffany, she died in the emergency room in the same hospital where koda Paul was born.

    koda Paul felt devastated even though there were people like his family and his friend Marck. He felt like he was to blame for everything.

    Because of this, koda Paul left his studies and began to stay at home without doing anything. It was like this for several months until his mother decided to convince him to look for something that would motivate him, something that would make him happy again and, above all, that he should leave. travel to be in another environment and forget what happened...

    CURRENT STATUS: koda Paul, at 19 years old, decides that it is time to leave his parents' nest and start looking for work. His father recommended something as a state official, such as a police officer or judge. Being a Judge koda Paul quickly ruled it out as he didn't like the idea. Police was something that he did like since he had great admiration for his father and the role seemed very dignified and honorable to him.
    koda Paul did not hesitate twice and to forget what happened he decided to go live in Los Santos, which is in the state of California. He decides this place since the government has an immigration plan which gives him a fairly cheap apartment on Power Street.
    koda Paul headed to an airport, accompanied by his parents and his friend Marck, it was time to say goodbye before getting on the plane. koda Paul wasn't good at goodbyes nor did he like them, the only thing he said was: "I'll miss you, but know that it's not goodbye, it's see you soon..." With that said, he got on the plane and He went to Los Santos...
    Once there, he rented the apartment and applied for a scholarship since he decided that he would finish his studies there. Within a period of 5 years he managed to finish High School at the University of Los Santos.
    koda Paul was already 23 years old and had to find a job, he got to work...UCATION:** Describe your character's education and professional preparation.

    koda Paul was calm in his apartment, he was searching on his personal computer for job offers, when he saw something that might interest him...
    It was a statement from the Los Santos Police Department, this caught his attention because apart from remembering his father's words and apart from being something he liked, they paid quite well. He also had a flash of that moment... those heartbreaking seconds of the accident, he decided that he didn't want anyone else to suffer the same thing... he committed to making a change. He clicked on the ad and started browsing it.

    OTHERS: Fear of water and extreme panic about it, vision problems such as myopia.

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