Keyla Sweetwater Biography

  • :: Keyla Sweetwater ::

    • AGE: 25

    • 🌎PLACE OF BIRTH: Cybertown, A city extinct many years ago

    • 🇲🇽 🇫🇷 NATIONALITY: Mexican/French

    • ♀ GENDER: Female.

    • 👨‍👨‍👧 PARENTS:
      King Draven Porthos+, Queen Shanny Sweetwater, Kings of the EVO Clan, characters with a big heart and spirit of helping others.

      Height: 1.79 mts,
      Eyes: Blue
      Hair: Redhead
      Weight: 59kg

    • 👩‍💼 PERSONALITY:
      She is exactly who she is, a strong, brave and bold woman is someone who has seen the best and the worst, fights for her happiness, always looking for and facing challenges, with every obstacle she has faced, she has become a more experienced person. and most inspiring, she never gives up, she treasures her friends and family, she has a big heart and always looks out for others, always looking for solutions, a strategist by nature and loves numbers, since they speak much more than we believe , her favorite quote is:

    "Give a woman the right shoes, and she will conquer the world"
    Marilyn Monroe


    • 👼 CHILDHOOD:
      A joyful childhood full of artistic education, piano, guitar, painting and dance classes, always searching and exploring, she began in the world of scouting as a girl scout..

    • 👧 YOUTH:
      A very physically active youth, she continued in the Girl Scouts, took Olympic gymnastics classes, dancing and swimming and some extreme sports caving and rock climbing as well as some courses in lifesaving, survival and working under pressure in general, a high-performance athlete. , interest in learning how to fly aircraft, some basic combat and self-defense techniques and passion for speed and cars.

      Currently, she made a radical change, exploring new horizons on the catwalks, a certified model and participating in contests and fashion shows, theater, scenography, event logistics, and in the last year, due to an accident, she moved away a little from the reflectors and catwalks, taking a trip to the city of Los Santos where she started like everyone else with a little money in her purse, the city caught her and learning about the city's trades and working on them, to get ahead and be better every day

    • 👩‍🎓 EDUCACIÓN:
      Graduated in Graphic Design and programming knowledge, computer management in general, Collaborative Work courses, Mechanics, First Aid Courses, and airplane and helicopter pilot courses.

    • 💋 OTHERS:
      Do you want to know more about her? Look for her and ask her

    "Who am I in the world?, aaa!! that's the puzzle!"
    Alice in Wonderland

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