Jaquin Deshaun

  • FULL NAME: Jaquin Pétronille Deshaun

    AGE: 30

    PLACE OF BIRTH: Rwanda, Kigali

    NATIONALITY: Swedish

    GENDER: Male

    PARENTS: Both my parents were born and raised in Rwanda in the city of Kigali. My mother Aimee Pétronille is 172 cm with black curly hair and brown eyes, and my father Kagina Deshaun was 198 cm with brown short and curly hair and brown eyes. My mother is a nurse at a hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, while my father was a teacher back in Kigali before he died.

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: 195 cm, 95 kg, brown skin, brown eyes, short black curly hair.

    PERSONALITY: Tough personality, edgy humor, intolerant, and has aggression problems.

    CHILDHOOD: Jaquin Pétronille Deshaun was born and raised in Rwanda, Kigali by both his parents. His mother was a nurse at the local hospital, while his father was a teacher at a local middle school. He grew up in a bad household where his mother would almost never be home due to work, while his father was occupied with taking care of all his younger siblings and his grandparents. Jaquin was put into work early, where every day he would help the locals build homes, transport water and food, and watch the local farm animals. Everything changed once the civil war broke out, where his father was recruited to fight in the war and his mother had to work constantly at the hospital due to the war. At just 9 years old he had to watch over and care for his younger siblings and the elders. When his father died in the war, Jaquin and his family fled to Stockholm to escape the ongoing war.

    YOUTH: Jaquin had a rough youth. While he was going to school, Jaquin was tasked with taking care of his younger siblings, while his mother took an education in nursing. Money was very tight, and as a young, poor immigrant, Jaquin was recruited into a gang at the early age of 14. At first, his responsibilities were to hold and deliver products to the dealers, but after he grew older he got more responsibilities such as drug dealing, carjacking, robberies, and extortion. When Jaquin turned 18 he was caught stealing a car while he had 57 grams of hash and 10 grams of cocaine. He was sentenced to 5 years for car theft and 4 years for possession of drugs with intent to distribute. While he was in prison, he got the opportunity to work in the workshop as a carpenter, making a small amount of money making benches and tables. When he was released he tried to get a job as a carpenter due to his experience in the can, but due to his criminal record, nobody wanted to hire him. He started to live off the money he made in prison but still found it difficult to make ends meet. Jaquin then started to pick up drug dealing again as a way to get a roof over his head. Jaquin was much more careful this time, and grew quite big in the game. He started to make outlandish purchases, such as a new car, renting a bigger apartment and buying expensive clothes. He still felt that this wasn't enough for all the things he has gone through, and shortly after he heard of a bigger opportunity, Los Santos.

    CURRENT STATUS: Currently, Jaquin is on a flight to Los Santos where he hopes there is more opportunity to make it to the pro leagues, wanting money and power.

    EDUCATION: While in his early years in Sweden, Jaquin took an education in General Studies at Stockholm International School.

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