character biography - Roman Perdeski

    • FULL NAME: Roman Perdeski

    • AGE: 28

    • PLACE OF BIRTH: Gdanks - Poland

    • NATIONALITY: Polish

    • GENDER: Male

    • PARENTS: . Ravial Perdeski and Natasha Perdeski

    • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: 187cm tall, white, balled, blue eyes, medium underweight.

    • PERSONALITY: agressive male with edgy humor and narcisistic and psychopathic traits.

    • CHILDHOOD: Roman grew up in a tough environment, his father was a heavy drinker, and his mother was working for a lo-life pimp. Roman`s family rarely had much food in the fridge for him to eat. So he had to find or buy food himself; he tried multiple times to get help with his home situation, but in the heart of Poland, there are many people in need and a different parenting culture, so there was no point in seeking help. Roman was exhausted from living this life of terror and hunger. On the day of his 15th birthday, he met an old friend of his father. he helped Roman to work life and good routines, and he became an extra father figure for him. When hitting the age of 16, Roman finally had enough savings to move out of the shithole that his parents call home.

    • YOUTH: Roman has always had a dream of traveling and adventuring to new natures and cultures. The only cultural difference he ever met was seeing someone smiling in his hometown. This old friend of his dad always talked about Los Santos, the city of beautiful women, sunny weather, beaches, and nice cars. Roman could not even believe such a place could exist; he wanted to go there instantly. But getting there by flight is way too expensive for Roman. But his father's old friend has a son who is a salesman. And they sale past Los Santos 2 times a year to deliver dried fish. Roman asks if he can pay his son to smuggle him into Los Santos. he has always been obsessed with escaping Poland. He knows he finally has a chance of making this dream a reality.

    • CURRENT STATUS: Currently, Roman is lying in a 24/7 locked lugar waiting for his arrival to Los Santos. He has yet to learn where or how far they are from shore. He doesn't get any information, nor can he speak with anyone. He doesn't know the reason why he must be locked in the entire time, but he just assumes it is because of the risk of coastal guards of sea police. If any authorities find a Roman without a passport or any visa documents, he will be sent straight back to the country where he has lived all his life. The only thing he can do is wait for answers. wait wait wait...

    • EDUCATION: Roman sadly does not have any education due to poverty in his family and, therefore, no money for schooling. However, he has learned that Los Santos is a city of new opportunities and has always wanted to work in the police force. Ever since he found out about that shitface of a pimp that owns his poor mother, he has always wanted to be a fighter for justice.

    • OTHERS: Roman also thinks he would be a great father figure because of the wrongdoings he has experienced. he's a big fan of children and wants to meet the love of his life and make a happy family

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