Raven Camora

  • Maze Artemis was born and raised in Italy. She grew up in a loving family with an Italian background. She was a grade A student and found it very easy to make friends and was popular in school and in society in general. 
    She did very well in high-school and was determined to achieve a master's degree to become a heart surgeon.
    She did so well in school that she was able to be an exchange student and often traveled to Los Santos to experience the American dream.
    After coming back home, she received a letter from the University of Los Santos. She was surprised and had no idea what to expect upon opening the letter. 
    She was offered a scholarship at the University of Los Santos to become a heart surgeon as well as get an English major.
    When she told her family about it, they were not happy at all and became worried since they had watched many movies about the American college experience, but they knew they had to let her go and do her own thing in life, trusting her that she would continue focusing on school and her goals.
    She was 19 years old when she left to Los Santos, but things started to take a turn.
    As she went to college, she surrounded herself with the wrong friend group, started to party a lot, and started to neglect school.
    She got drunk almost every night and her grades slowly started declining. She was no longer the nerd everyone knew in Italy; she was now a rebel experimenting and experiencing American college.
    The people she surrounded herself with were very much into partying and they all started to neglect school. 
    The parties started becoming longer, Maze would barely sleep and started taking drugs because everyone at the parties was taking them.
    She then met this boy, he was very well known and he had an eye on her from the very first time he saw her. Not because she was overly beautiful, but because he saw how rebellious and how open she was in trying new things. 
    They eventually started dating. Maze had no idea that her boyfriend was actually a drug dealer. But she loved him and supported him and eventually started liking the dangerous and criminal lifestyle. 
    She dropped out of college and married her boyfriend in order to get her visa to stay in Los Santos, completely cutting off her family in Italy cause they did not support her decisions, but Maze was so blinded by love that she decided to cut them off.
    They both started drug dealing together, robbing stores, and getting more immersed into the criminal lifestyle. 
    Three years later she found out that her husband had been cheating on her for a few months. She pretended she didn't know, but she was hurt and revengeful and her mind became dark and cold.
    They eventually robbed another store together. While her husband was threatening the cashier, Maze saw the golden opportunity to take the ultimate revenge and finally stop feeling disgraceful and move on with her life.
    She aimed the gun at her husband and said "Hey Rio. This is what you get for being unfaithful." And she shot and killed him.
    She left the store, stole a car and made her way up to sandy shores to lay low. She purchased a run down trailer home in which she lived for several years until she found out that the police case was closed and the FIB was no longer looking for her husband's killer due to lack of evidence.
    She then made a return slowly getting back into society with a new identity as Raven Camora, living an honest lifestyle by having an honest job and staying out of the criminal scene to avoid drawing any attention to her. She often regrets killing her husband, but she is ready to move on from the past and start over.

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