Matthew Winters

  • FULL NAME: Matthew Winters

    BIRTH DATE: August 18th. 2002

    PLACE OF BIRTH: New York

    NATIONALITY: American

    GENDER: Male

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Light Brown hair, green eyes, quite tal, somewhere near 1.82cm. Grown beard with some blond details on it. Little freckles under his eyes. Healthy and muscular.

    PERSONALITY: Impulsive depending on the situation he is in, really loyal, protective with the ones he loves and calmed under pressure.

    PARENTS: Jack Winters (father), a strong, really serious and disciplined man, tried to educate his son with his manners, while Anne Jones(mother) is a sweet, soft hearted woman who always tried to give his son the best life possible, teaching him to be respectfull with other without expecting anything in exchange. They both had Matt in their late 20s while they where moving from boston (the city where they met) and New York.

    CHILDHOOD: He grew up in a small town outside Manhattan, he had a great chilhood full of good memories and friends. he was kind with everyone as his mother told him, which granted him a good reputation among his close friends.

    YOUTH: He moved to a highschool in Queens, where he met Katherine Ward, they both became good friends and really close. Kate moves from Matts highschool to another one on the other side of NY, so they kinda distances a little bit. In this time he started learning about police and also developed a sense of honor. He liked to help people in the best way possible, so he dreamt of one day joining police.

    CURRENT STATUS: Matt moved to Los Santos to find a job, after he ended college he was unable to find anything suitable for hiom so he moved to Los Santos, far from home, to see if his destiny changes and in search of fulfilling his dreams. He is now preparing for the LSPD Trials.

    EDUCATION: Highschool in Queens.
    Sociology in Queens college.

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