Rex Eagle

  • My name is Rex eagle i came from mexico where business is regarded as everything and the main motive of all the people is to earn more and more and more money regardless of what they do and that is why I was into multiple business to earn more money. I am a 24 year student (collage dropout).I started collage but never finished who enjoy watching TV and loves to play video games but along with that I am bit evil and a selfish person. I was the student of the computer science branch but eventually left in the middle in order to achieve something but failed in that also. I wanted to become actor but they told me you don’t have talent. I was depressed this was not only the reason about my depression my mother dies when I was 18 due to which I started to feel lonely and lost focused in everything. At that time thanks to my friends I was into the drugs and eventually resulted into the depression for more than a year due to which I decided to move to los santos and give a new start to my life in order to prove that I have something in me. Due to my nature I’m very hardworking person and a quick learner along with that I’m good listener. I grow up in a working class due to which by nature I don’t give up. Physically I’m in good shape and I’m 180cm tall with light skin and black hair and brown eyes

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