Nicolas Garcia

    • FULL NAME: Nicolas_Garcia

    • AGE: 21

    • PLACE OF BIRTH: Florida, USA.

    • NATIONALITY: American / Peruvian.

    • GENDER: Male.

    • PARENTS: Jose Alexander, a man who is 5'8, with a beard and not much muscle, and Vanessa Pérez, a woman who is 5'4, blonde, and leading an athletic lifestyle, are the parents of Nicolas Garcia. They were born and raised in Lima, Peru. They met at a party when they turned 18, where Jose asked for Vanessa's number, and they began to get to know each other until they lost contact due to university. After this, Jose decides to travel to the United States to do a Work & Travel program, and after a couple of months, he runs into Vanessa. They greet each other and feel a chemistry that leads them to disregard the time of their visa and stay living there for more than 10 years, having a child at the age of 26 (after 8 years of being together) whom they would call Nicolas Garcia. It could be said of both that they had a wild lifestyle and didn't think much about the decisions they made. Despite being adults, they made decisions as if they were young people with nothing to lose.

    • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Nicolas Garcia, at 21 years old, he is 6 feet tall, has brown eyes, short brown hair with a beard of the same color. It is a person who is not muscular in the style of a bodybuilder, but who trains and maintains a healthy life.

    • PERSONALITY: Nicolas Garcia is a quiet person when socializing, but he can start good conversations by gaining confidence. Furthermore, with strangers he does not suffer from shame because he knows that, after all, they are people he will never see again in his life. He has a firm stance on his decisions, although sometimes it is a little difficult to accept when he is wrong.

    • CHILDHOOD: Nicolas Garcia was born on March 5, 2003 (currently 21 years old), in Florida, USA. Son of immigrant parents from Peru. He lived surrounded only by his father and mother, since his family (grandparents, cousins, uncles, etc.) were in Peru. He always had dominance over both languages, Spanish and English. It was not until he was 10 years old that they decided to return to Peru because his parents wanted him to meet his grandparents. Nicolas never lacked anything: he always had a roof over his head, food, toys, parents who loved each other and were well supported financially. Therefore, Nicolas was always raised in an environment of respect and values, so he was always very ethical.

    • YOUTH: Growing up in Florida with immigrant parents from Peru, Nicolas's childhood was surrounded by cultures and experiences. He always had the love of his parents never lacked anything, was not that social but still had a nice experience with friends.

    • CURRENT STATUS: Now Nicolas is part of the LSPD, serving his country and dedicating every day to improve himself, mantains an active life with sport and a balance with his job, has no wife or anything neither plans to do so.

    • EDUCATION: Went to kindergarten in the USA and most of the school at Perú in a private school along with his brother, then moved to Los Santos to attempt a better life, where he went to the university and studied Marketing and Administration and then got into the LSPD Academy to serve his purpose.

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