[Biography] Daisy Pluxury

  • Full name: Daisy Pluxury

    Age: 27

    Place of birth: UK

    Nationality: Britsh

    Gender: Female

    Parents: Never Knew Her Mother or Father as she was raised by her grandparents

    Growing up

    When growing up Daisy Pluxury Never Knew Her Mother or Father as she was raised by her grandparents she use to hang around with gang members robbing people and stealing form shops and people selling drugs then come to Los Santos, Vinewood to get away from the gangs and the crime and start over in life with no money try to get by even some times begging for food and drink to where she could not take it any and when and appied for jobs and got one as EMS then SAHP and now LSPD So I Joined NG To Try Somethink New i Allways Loved To Get Ito Fights As A Kid Growing UP With My Mates Then As i Got Older I Got Into The Crime Life Made Money But Ended UP Moving To a New City To Start Fresh as A Leo or A no Crime Life I used To Be Realy Good in subjects a School they how i knew how to move money to stay out of trouble with the law but it got to a time werr i need to do somethink new as i was getting older and did not want to waste my life doing the same old stuff all the time.

    Present Life

    Daisy Pluxury moved to get away from her past life and do better she doing great right now in life as ems going up rank to were shes was EMS SAPH and now LSPD she has treated many people in and out of the hospital how ever she ran someone over one tiem and it brought back old memorys of her old life and she rembered how she use to run thing back in the UK But she really does miss her old life a little to where she wants to try and make more money and go enen more far in lfie buying houses nice cars by selling drug and and guns

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