Vinewood Undead [V.U]

  • Organization's History
    Vinewood Undead is a fairly new player on the scene in Los Santos, their focus has been on controlling the nightlife of the city through drugs, alcohol and nightclubs. Originally they were just a small street gang that made their mark by selling weed and committing petty crimes like robbery and mugging. They have become known for always wearing masks or bandanas to cover their faces even when they aren't doing anything illegal and will never identify themselves by their real names.

    Environmental Setting
    Vinewood Undead members can be found in and around the Vinewood area of Los Santos and tend to base themselves out of nightclubs where they can exploit the tourists, rich people and club goers that can afford their products.

    Interpretation of Organization | Character
    Vinewood Undead members will always appear as though they are just small time street gangsters like the sort you see in Grove Street and the surrounding areas, they are not disrespectful and will never attack people or move on turf without a good reason to do so. Members must always keep their faces hidden if they are out in public and may only show their faces in areas that are only accessible by themselves or other organization members.

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