Aryan Power Brotherhood [A.P.B]

  • Organization's History

    The Aryan Brotherhood has a storied and infamous past, rooted in a legacy of power and control within the prison system. Originally formed as a protective group for white inmates in California prisons, the Brotherhood quickly established itself as a major force in organized crime. Known for their distinctive tattoos and ruthless methods, the Aryan Brotherhood commands respect and fear among its enemies and allies alike.

    Over the years, the Aryan Brotherhood expanded its operations beyond prison walls, becoming a significant player in various criminal enterprises, including drug trafficking, extortion, and racketeering. The organization is committed to preserving the supremacy of the white race and has been involved in numerous violent confrontations with rival groups.

    However, in recent times, the Brotherhood has shifted its focus from its previous ideology of racial supremacy. Now, the primary emphasis is on expanding their business ventures and criminal operations. This strategic shift allows the organization to increase its influence and power across the city while avoiding unnecessary conflicts that could draw unwanted attention.

    Environmental Setting

    The Aryan Brotherhood operates primarily within the shadows of the criminal underworld, with a strong presence in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. Their base of operations is typically set in locations that reflect their dominance and influence, often within industrial zones, seedy bars, or isolated hideouts. They are known to establish control over local territories, ensuring their interests are protected and their rivals kept at bay.

    Before choosing a location, the Brotherhood carefully considers its strategic value and potential conflicts with other groups. Maintaining a stronghold in a specific area is essential to their roleplay narrative.

    Interpretation of Organization | Character

    Roleplay interpretation is vital when portraying the Aryan Brotherhood. Members of the organization must embody the ruthless and calculating nature of the group, projecting an air of dominance and intimidation. Each character's backstory should align with the Brotherhood's focus on business expansion, criminal enterprises, and strategic alliances.

    All members should have a coherent story that ties them to the organization, highlighting their journey into the Brotherhood and their commitment to its cause. It's essential that members convey the spirit and essence of the organization, maintaining a high standard of roleplay at all times.

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