Biography of Janet Holmes

    • Full name: Janet Holmes

    • Age: 30

    • Place of birth: Hungary

    • Nationality: Hungarian

    • Gender: Female

    • Parents: both of them was a best parents who you can wish for, my father was a mechanic and a tech savy guy he could fix anything and my mom was a businesswoman they both helped became who i am now!

    -Physical appearance: 165 cm, brown hair, brown eyes,

    -Personality: Caring, kind, passionate, loner, ambitious, handy, helpful, pretty feisty, short temper, sometimes lazy

    • Education: i have a Degree as a doctor. but i learned from a lot of tech and mechanich things from my father and my mother so im good with a wrench and a computer too.

    I was born into a warm, loving family in a small town nestled amidst rolling hills and sprawling forests. From an early age, she exhibited a fascination with mechanics and technology, often spending hours tinkering with gadgets and fixing broken appliances around the house. My parents, recognized my talent, encouraged and supported me to pursue my interests, even if they weren't traditionally feminine pursuits.

    I had always been drawn to the open road. I developed a deep love for driving from an early age. My family, supportive and loving, encouraged her adventurous spirit, nurturing her dreams even as they watched me grow into a fiercely independent young woman.

    As soon as I was old enough, I took to the highways, my hands were steady on the wheel of my father's old pickup truck that we fixed together with my fater, my hands were skilled to fix nearly everything all thanks to my beloved father. With each mile i was traveled, discovered a sense of freedom and belonging that i couldn't find anywhere else. From delivering packages as a trucker to ferrying passengers as a taxi driver, I embraced the nomadic lifestyle with gusto, relishing in the ever-changing scenery and the thrill of the open road.

    But life has a way of taking unexpected turns for me, and fate led me to a bustling city on the edge of the horizon, a place pulsating with energy and opportunity. Leaving behind the familiar landscapes of my hometown, i dived into this new urban jungle, eager to carve out a new path for myself.

    In the new city, my life took on a different rhythm. No longer behind the wheel of a truck or a taxi, i found myself navigating the complex corridors of a bustling hospital, my hands now skilled in saving lives rather than navigating highways. With unwavering determination, i was pursued my dream of becoming a doctor, i got part time job as private dancer (plainly a stripper)to finance my university costs channeling the same resilience and tenacity that had guided her through countless miles of asphalt and thinkering.

    But my journey was far from over. As fate would have it, her skills as a combat medic caught the attention of an elite medical unit, and soon she found herself deployed to far-flung corners of the world, providing aid to those in need amidst the chaos of conflict and disaster. It was a role that tested her courage and compassion in equal measure, that i never imagined, my commitment to healing driving her forward even in the darkest of times.

    • Current status: Moving to a new city, with full hope to begin my new adventure!

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