biography of Nibir Prime

  • Name: Nibir Prime
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Nationality: Bangladeshi
    Place of Birth: Maymanshing
    Sexuality: Straight
    Weight: 43kg
    Height: 1.8m
    Eye color: Black
    Hair color: Black
    Tattoos: Right Hand/Left Hand/Face
    Strengths:Combat Skills, Knowledgeable, Loyalty
    Weakness:Trust Issues


    Years 1-8

    Nibir Was Born in Maymanshing a very poor city and poor family when i born my mother Death after 1years. My father take care me. And my father admission me in a school when my age 5 i go school regularly but after 1 month the time is coming to pay school salary. But my father don’t have ability to pay school money the amount of the money is 80k but my father only have 20k thats why principal fired me from school

    Years 9-15

    Nibir started working in a car Workshop for grow her and her family financial daily he worked in car workshop upto 10h+ repair,wash,spray cars is Nibir Main working he do it properly. Nibir workshop manager very happy for a Hardworker like Nibir. And Manager give promotion and a good position Nibir start saving money in his Bank to grow her and her financial.

    Years 16-25

    Nibir Saved upto 600k now this time coming to buy a Place where can he live. Nibir find a Apertment Seller the seller asking price is 700k but Nibir have 600k so he negotiated with seller and finally seller deal with him 600k and Nibir Buy a Good Live Place and still Nibir Working Car Workshop to grow more And He and Her Family Shift in Apertment


    Nibir is Now Rich person in city and popular. Reason is for savings 230k money he start a Licence plate business and grow this business the best seller in city and work Hospital he start as a Student but for her hardworking and knowledge Nibir Got Promotion very soon and now Nibir Daily earning upto 600k and popular person in city.

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