Gwendolyn Backstory

  • FULL NAME: Gwendolyn Rose
    AGE: 21
    PLACE OF BIRTH: the netherlands
    NATIONALITY: dutch
    GENDER: female
    PARENTS: my father wasnt in the picture for most of my life, but when he was he was very abusive. my mother was there psychicly but not mentally. my father was a trucker and my mother did not work.
    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: bright redhair, dark eyebrows, blue eyes, 5,4 feet
    PERSONALITY: easily angry and pretty feisty but also really caring and helpfull, wants to help out where ever i can and loves to have people around her. wont take disrespect lightly. is very ambitious and loves to have fun.
    CHILDHOOD: i was born up in Hengelo what is a small town in the netherlands, then we moved to enschede when i was 3 years old. my father dissapeared at birth, but soon my mom got a new boyfriend, becuase of drugs getting involved i had to grow up very fast and become independent, i had to take care of my younger sibling and run the household, when i turned 12 my dad came back in my love for a short amount of time but that didnt go well either.
    YOUTH: i decided to move to chigaco the moment i turned 18, away from my old life. but there i got in a relationship with a very toxic man. she dated him long distance over the internet from her 16 till 18 then moved in with him. she stayed with him untill she was 19 and then finally left the toxic relationship. she met a new boy, who cheated on her multiple times and then she decided to give up on love.. atleast.. maybe untill she finds "the one" again.
    CURRENT STATUS: currently she tries to use her knowledge for better things.. she is smart but doesnt make smart decisions. and she will probably end up like a criminal just like everyone around her.
    EDUCATION: she has an education for caregiver, but due to her past she didnt have much time or space to get educated

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