Manny Cousins

  • In the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, Manny Cousins and his younger brother, Porter, grew up in a neighborhood where opportunities were scarce and the allure of the streets often seemed like the only way out. Manny, the older of the two, had always been the protective big brother, while Porter was more adventurous, constantly pushing boundaries.

    Their parents worked tirelessly to provide for them, but the pull of the streets was too strong to resist. Manny knew they needed a change, a fresh start, and he saw Los Santos, the bustling metropolis across the sea, as their ticket to a better life.

    With a few dollars scraped together from odd jobs and favors, Manny and Porter boarded a plane to Los Santos, leaving behind the familiar sights and sounds of Jamaica for the promise of opportunity in the City of Angels.

    Arriving in Los Santos, the cousins quickly realized that making a name for themselves wouldn't be easy. They started off doing odd jobs, working long hours for minimal pay just to make ends meet. But Manny had bigger dreams than scraping by as a laborer.

    One night, while wandering the neon-lit streets of Los Santos, they stumbled upon a group of local hustlers who seemed to move with a sense of purpose and confidence that Manny admired. Intrigued, Manny struck up a conversation with one of them, a slick-talking entrepreneur named Rico.

    Rico saw potential in Manny and Porter, recognizing their street smarts and hunger for success. He offered them a chance to join his crew, promising wealth and power beyond their wildest dreams. Eager to escape the cycle of poverty and violence, Manny and Porter accepted.

    Under Rico's guidance, Manny and Porter quickly rose through the ranks of the Los Santos underworld, earning a reputation as fearless enforcers and savvy operators. They ran drugs, pulled off daring heists, and established themselves as formidable players in the city's criminal underworld.

    But as their influence grew, so did the risks. Rival gangs and law enforcement alike were closing in, threatening to unravel everything they had worked so hard to build. With enemies lurking around every corner, Manny and Porter knew they had to stay one step ahead if they wanted to survive.

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