Nikki Nicole

    • FULL NAME: Nikki Nicole

    • AGE: 22

    • PLACE OF BIRTH: Vice City

    • NATIONALITY: American

    • GENDER: Female

    • PARENTS: Mother - tall, athletic, black. Father - tall, tech-savant, white. Both parents were killed in a raid protesting against Merryweather Company during an operation in which Merryweather was taking kids from our neighborhood to be part of their secret intelligence program.

    • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: 5'10" with dark grey eyes and long black hair

    • PERSONALITY: Coming from Vice City and living in a low-income area of the city, I had to learn to be street-smart very quickly if I was gonna survive. After being forced into Merryweather's Counter-Intelligence program I also learned to be wise and not to trust anyone.

    • CHILDHOOD: Even though my family was poor, both my parents made sure that we kept some time of a roof over our heads and at least 2 meals a day. My mom would work most of the day and my dad would work nights, so most of the time we didn't get to spend a lot of it together but when the weekend came, those were the best times because we were out spending time together as a family.

    • YOUTH: My youth was spent being brought up as a Counter-Intelligience Officer through Merryweather's Academy. Like the rest of the other kids, I didn't have a choice about the situation. I was made to learn everything they taught us in order to be used as a weapon. Little did they know that I and some other kids planned on using what they taught us against them and breaking free from that prison.

    • CURRENT STATUS: After successfully breaking free from Merryweather and using my new counter-intelligence knowledge I was able to create a new identity for myself and move to Los Santos and start over in a new city.

    • EDUCATION: Attending the Merryweather Academy and being placed in the Counter-Intel program, I was taught advanced math, chemistry, biology, computer hacking, military weapons, military vehicles and military tactics.

    • OTHERS: I hope with being in a new city and can start over and create a life I want living in peace*

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