Biography Juan Holsom

  • LSPD - Andromeda

    FULL NAME: Juan Holsom


    PLACE OF BIRTH: Strawberry crusade road

    Spanish nationality

    GENDER: Male

    PARENTS: Carlos Holsom, a hard-working, rural, uneducated man who wanted to give his children the best education. Maite Holsom was always a housewife and tried to take care of her children in the best way possible, to give them the best future.

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: He is 1.90 meters tall, brown eye color, black hair color, quite strong.

    PERSONALITY: Serious, astute, sincere and kind.

    CHILDHOOD: Always playing ball with his friends in the street and dreaming that he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up and take him to the top of his life.

    YOUTH: I entered university to study, to try to complete the courses to apply to join the LSPD

    CURRENT NEWS: Antonio Holsom, is dedicated to decorating houses and his hobby since he was little, which is cars and tuning.

    EDUCATION: A Degree in Criminology, a career in law and very good experiences close to it.

    OTHERS: Antonio Holsom, was born in Spain, due to the country's poor economy, he decided to move to the United States and start a new life, thus making friends around him who would help him and lend him money to do what he wanted most, be an agent. of the LSPD, so as to give the best to his parents and family in the future, fill his position and provide security to citizens.

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