Biography Swean Reese

    • FULL NAME: Swean Reese

    • AGE: 23

    • PLACE OF BIRTH: Dominican Republic

    • NATIONALITY: United States

    • GENDER: Male.

    • PARENTS: My mother was a very good driver, she helped my father escape from the police when he finished his work. His name are Rose Reyes and Ethan Reese

    • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Tall 5'9ft obese brown hair and eyes

    • PERSONALITY: He gets angry quite easily, has a tough character and does not like to be bothered.

    • CHILDHOOD: He was born in Villa Juana Dominican Republic, his childhood was quite complicated due to the lack of a father to protect him and teach him, but when he was 6 years old he met his Stepfather Ethan Reese in the United States.

    • YOUTH: He grew up in the slums of NYC, more specifically in the Bronx, until one day a friend very close to him was murdered with a knife, which is how he decided to leave the gang life.

    • CURRENT STATUS: He is currently a hitman/drug dealer who leads the streets of Chamberlain Hills in Los Santos.

    • EDUCATION: In the Dominican Republic he studied until 1st grade, then when he went to the United States he finished high school at a prestigious school in NYC.

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