Biography Holotip Osama

  • Holotip Osama Was Born Son Of A King Pen Well Known In The City Of Vice. It All Started In The Year 1993. Vice City Was Flooded With Drugs Gangs And Violence. Here He Spent The First 11 Years Of His Childhood Experiencing All The Crimes Of The Ghetto. Until His Family Relocated To Liberty City. For The Next 8 Years He Spent His Life As A Normal Teen To Young Adult Life Working As A Landscaper/Remodeler. Life Was Good And Easy. That Is Until Tragedy Struck. His Father Was Murdered While On Vacation In A City Known As Los Santos By A Rival Cartel. This Begun The Story Of Vengeance And Power. Having To Relocate To Search For His Fathers Killer And Retain The Power In His Fathers Past Organization After Being Blacklisted By His Fathers Second In Command Who Took Over Once His Father Died. Holotip Is Tasked With Regaining Political Status Within The Organization And Becoming What His Father Was And Taking Over Los Santos. God Speed.

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