[Biography] Arthur Mcfly

  • Who is he really?

    Joe Goldberg's story is complex and marked by a series of obsessive and violent relationships. It began when he met Guinevere Beck, a young writer in New York City. Initially, Joe seemed like a charming and attentive man, but his infatuation with Beck quickly took a dark turn. He began stalking her, invading her privacy, and manipulating her life to suit his desires. His behavior escalated as he eliminated anyone he perceived as a threat to their relationship. Ultimately, Joe's obsession led to Beck's death, which he was able to cover up and escape justice for. Joe used Beck's work to his advantage in an attempt to absolve himself of her murder. He staged her death to look like a suicide, leaving behind a carefully curated narrative that painted Beck as a troubled writer who took her own life. Joe's meticulous planning allowed him to evade suspicion and continue his life without facing consequences for Beck's death.
    After Beck's death, Joe moved to Los Angeles, seeking a fresh start and a new identity. There, he met Love Quinn, a passionate chef, and quickly became infatuated with her as well. Their relationship was intense, and Joe soon discovered that Love shared some of his darker tendencies, including a willingness to resort to violence. The couple engaged in a tumultuous relationship marked by manipulation, control, and deceit. Joe's life took another dark turn as he navigated his relationship with Love and the arrival of their son, Henry.

    Despite Joe's attempts to maintain a semblance of normalcy and build a family with Love, their relationship deteriorated. In a series of dramatic events, Joe realized that Love's dangerous behavior posed a threat to their son. Ultimately, he made the decision to kill Love to protect Henry. Once again, Joe managed to evade suspicion and escape justice.
    After Love's death, Joe assumed a new identity as Arthur McFly and relocated to Los Santos. To create his new identity, he likely used his manipulative skills and intelligence to obtain forged identification documents, such as a driver's license, social security card, and possibly even a new passport. This allowed him to build a credible background as Arthur McFly and start a new life in Los Santos. He hoped to leave his violent past behind and start anew as a police officer, a role that would allow him to serve the community and possibly redeem himself. In his new life as Arthur McFly, he strives to lead a more stable and honorable life, although the shadows of his past may still linger. Whether he can truly change and lead a peaceful life remains an open question, as his past actions have demonstrated a pattern of dangerous behavior.


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