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    GTAHUB Official Streamer

    Being a GTAHUB Official Streamer is a significant position within the community. Holding this status grants access to unique systems designed by the community to promote increased viewership for live streams. Below are outlined all the terms, conditions, and benefits of the Official Streamer status.

    GTAHUB Official Streamer Guidelines

    1. All content published related to the server by GTAHUB Official Streamers will be monitored, ensuring their good faith and compliance with the regulations stipulated by our community.

    2. Official Streamers must be reachable by the Staff team to address any issues or internal matters concerning their broadcasts.

    3. GTAHUB reserves the right to use images/videos or streams from its Official Streamers for documentation or promotional purposes.


    4.1 At least 1 (one) stream per week on GTAHUB.
    4.2 3 (three) hours of GTAHUB streaming per week, divided as the streamer sees fit. If an exception to this requirement is needed temporarily, it must be communicated to the team.

    5. The prefix "[GTAHUB]" must always be used at the beginning of stream titles for better visibility.

    6. Exclusivity: An official GTAHUB streamer may not stream on other GTA:V roleplay servers/communities while holding the status.

    7. Each streamer is responsible for their chat and content, as well as the behavior present therein. Any disruption or negative impact on the GTAHUB brand or any harmful comments related to a community member must be managed.

    8. The "official streamer" status does not constitute an employment relationship with GAMERSHUB LLC, GTAHUB, or its subsidiaries.


    9.1. Time: A minimum of 3 months actively streaming on GTAHUB. Actively defined as a minimum of 3 hours weekly. (Except for the initial GTAHUB Pegasus streamers)
    9.2. Exclusivity: Demonstrate no streaming activity in another GTA V roleplay community in the last two months.
    9.3. Demonstrate a minimum activity of streaming for 3 hours per week, at least in the last month before applying for GTAHUB content.

    GTAHUB Official Streamer Benefits

    Some of the benefits you and your audience can enjoy include:

    • Authorized use of GTAHUB logos in streams.
    • Discord role that highlights you when live.
    • Discord notification to the entire community when live.
    • Streaming publication on the official website gtahub.gg.
    • Official streamer rank on TS3.
    • Official streaming rank on GTAHUB forum.
    • Access to a hub raffle mechanism for streamers wishing to reward their followers.
    • GTAHUB souvenirs such as apparel.

    Link to apply to be an official streamer for GTAHUB OPEN: GTAHUB.GG/streamerform

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