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    GTAHUB.gg Pegasus Server
    MODS Y/N
    Quant V ALLOWED
    Natural Vision ALLOWED
    Reshade ALLOWED
    Make Visual Great Again (MVGA) ALLOWED
    Redux (Unless it provides clarity, brightness, or removes vanilla elements) ALLOWED
    Real ALLOWED
    Visual V ALLOWED
    Visual Paradise ALLOWED
    Awesomekills Graphics ALLOWED
    Street Textures ALLOWED
    Realism Beyond ALLOWED
    Black5 Graphics ALLOWED
    Coffee Latte5 ALLOWED
    Niagara Graphics ALLOWED
    V-Reloaded ALLOWED
    Teriyaki Visual Mod ALLOWED

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    • Sound Mods

    Sound mods are allowed as long as they are appropriate to the action being performed. This means that when shooting, hitting, or experiencing accidents, the corresponding sound must accompany the action, and unrealistic sounds are not permitted.


    • Weapon Mods

    When it comes to weapons, only editing of visual files (YDR, YTD) is permitted. Files that modify any ".meta" file or any file other than "weapons.rpf" within a dlc.rpf are strictly prohibited as they remove or alter the physics/damage/recoil of the weapon.


    Recommended editing path: GTA V folder > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday8ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > models > cdimages > weapons.rpf

    💻 Creating a support ticket on our website is of vital importance for providing the correct instructions for mod installation.

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    • Effect mods

    Any modification of effects other than vanilla is prohibited. This includes: damage, bleeding animation, bullet impacts, among others.


    • Vehicles mods

    All modifications to vehicles are prohibited.


    • Mods files

    Files that modify the x64 server files are modifications that can alter physics, among other things, and therefore are not allowed.


    • Anim mods

    Any animation that changes the positioning of the character is prohibited. This includes Cover Animation, Police Cover, changes in weapon aiming position, etc.

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    This information is of vital importance for the GTAHUB community users who aim to achieve a visual reality in their gameplay. It's important to understand that many mods contain files that modify documents/files/folders, which can inadvertently provide an advantage and potentially lead to a ban within the community.

    Any mods outside of what is indicated in the previous points is prohibited.

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